10 Ways You’ve Sold your Body (and Autonomy)

#1. You sell your freedom for an office job that means virtually nothing to you;

#2. You spend 40 hours a week offering your physical and mental abilities to the aim of an institution rather than your own aims;

#3. You create a severing within you by having two different personas: the work and home ones;

#4. You spend hours on end in a day feeding your personal data to tech hegemons and monopolies who use your information to advance their ways of manipulation, keeping you trapped and choiceless;

#5. You spent 1,5 hours-3 hours a day doing solid work and the rest counting the time before you clock-out or pretending that you are working;

#6. You sell products to people, but lie and cheat to allure them into buying;

#7. You analyze the behavioral patterns of the population to create attractive content that makes them feel they are missing out if they don’t buy a product or service;

#8. You are emotionally abused by how you’re not allowed room to make mistakes/you have to be wary of your performance and likeability at work in order not to get fired and lose your security;

#9. You find comfort through substance use to numb the stress and anxiety due to having to work whatever is available to ensure a minimum payment or having no work at all;

#10. You cannot comprehend that work, hierarchies and institutions are arbitrary & not set in stone. You are stuck in the idea that you must improve/work harder/hustle and are afraid to protest/demand better conditions/pay.

It is ever so often we are found in situations in which women are talked about in a derogatory manner. Be it their choices to alter their physical appearance, what they do with their bodies, how they offer their bodies. Many sex workers are placed in their situation due to an economic system that keeps us all in slavery, renders our finances unsustainable and then tells us what to do for work. We sell our bodies – forfeit our morals and ethics in countless ways. As such, what could be morally superior to sex work?

By Diona Kusari

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