Holding Potpuri in your hands can be many things. A mixture of spices, tickling your senses with its strong smell. A playlist that won‘t leave your ear – or a conglomeration of tastes and experiences caught up somewhere on the way between Prishtina and Zurich. 

The conceptualisation of this project started in October 2021 with the intention to provide a platform (online and physical) which is accessible for and addresses various ages and groups and different urgencies. With some of these common urgencies being: the breaking of the elitarian approach to meaning, knowledge and cultural production in Kosovo; the formalisation of everyday topics which burden us commonly but we don’t share platforms where we feel heard; or the approach of our formal educational system which limits our need to learn and experiment; or even the nostalgia for the qualitative production of newspapers which we can’t encounter anymore in Kosovo. 

With various individuals contributing to this initial print we are taking the first step with the intention to create a recurring platform for publishing and sharing. A platform that doesn’t remain restricted from the precarity that surrounds the cultural and funding system in Kosovo but that continues finding ways to reflect and reformulate our own practices on writing and documenting through cheap but qualitative, DIT (do it together), and freeful ways. 

Potpuri invites the reader to at one point become its co-creator, it invites the contributor to transmit knowledge, to remain open and transform within topics and questions, resources and tools which the surrounding can provide. Its claim is to be loved or liked by a diverse public and fulfill a necessity. 

Each of the contributions has been done through months-long discussions in the group, where each step has been taken care of not just by one individual but in situational collectivity. Also it has been inspired by various speakers and professionals who shared their knowledge and stories with us. 

Potpuri is there for you to take it for free and enjoy, and it is here to initiate further low-threshold publishing practices in Kosovo. 

The project teams of Termokiss and the Master of Transdisciplinarity of Zurich
University of the Arts (ZHdK)

By the Editorial Team

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