Mapping the oldest tree in the neighborhood of Daradania

The concept for mapping the oldest tree in the neighborhood of Daradania comes from my love and connection with nature that had all of my life, especially trees.

This process begins to reflect that when it comes to the permanent destination or home since when we plant a tree, we assume that we will stay in that place for a long time.

That was the first starting point of this research, but during the mapping, I noticed that when I was hugging the trees I had to adapt my way of hugging based on the length.

I concluded that when we move into a new place or a new country we have to adapt to the language, culture, and lifestyle same as trees have to adapt to climate, soil, and many other factors.

During this I process, I noted how little we pay attention to our surroundings because of the dynamics of our lives, but after this research, I felt a deeper connection with trees.

By Endrit Tasholli

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