Mapping old people’s hangouts

This article has been undertaken because of my interests in older people’s preferences in their lives in general and their daily leisure activities. The mapping of the elderly was done based on the well-known locations with specific names, bearing in mind that I often have come across places that are frequented by the elderly which have no name. In such places old people were staying in a store or outside in the street in an unknown alley. The mapping was not possible without any named place, so I decided it was better to pinpoint only those named locations.

Life in Prishtina has both; its advantages and difficulties. As a country where most of the population consists of young people, it is fun for the youth, as many social and frequented places are full of them. This city is gradually expanding – resulting in the opening of numerous cafes, bars, clubs and similar places where young people can have fun and spend time with their peers. However, the places that are frequented by the elderly are usually the same and in older parts of the city.The old Prishtina was not very large in size and the previous generations have spent time together in the center of Prishtina. They have always been limited in their freedom under foreign occupation. Considering that they share beautiful memories during their young years with their friends in the old parts of the city, they continue to spend time in the same locations even after all these years. In these places they find again the adventurous spirit from the early times, seeing how their city has changed over time, we tend to see old people as monuments of time and sources of knowledge that they have acquired during their lifetime. 

It is genuine that there are few parks and places which would be more appropriate for the elderly. Our government constantly ignores their needs, which is completely irrational, considering that they are all going to grow old one day :). Also taking into consideration the time and the circumstances they continuously lived in, in fear of war, most of them without secure income – it is difficult to live only on governmental income at their age in order to be able to fulfill their everyday needs. 

In conclusion, they still attempt to discover ways to have a great time and that’s what matters the most because they do acknowledge, especially at this age, that life is precious.

By Tinka Kelmendi

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