Diaspora Playlist

The Gurbeti playlist is a collective reflection on how some people cope with leaving home, and how this is portrayed through songs. This list of cans is meant to cover different scenarios; for example, the point of view of the parents, the wife, and those who live far from Kosovo.

After going through the tracks of this playlist, we hope that anyone who listens to or reads the lyrics awakens a sense of empathy for the people who emigrated away from their homeland for a better life!

  1. Valon Berisha ft Xheni – Ne Gurbet
  2. Gili – Gurbeti
  3. Sef Duraj – Malli i mergimtarit
  4. Shaqir Cërvadiku “Mos ma kno t’lutem at kangë”
  5. Duli – Gurbeti
  6. Shaqir Cervadiku – Nji grusht
  7. Lulet e gurbetit 2007
  8. Shkurte Fejza – Gurbet me shkoj jeta
  9. Shyhrete Behluli – Gurbetqar emrin e kam
  10. Aferdita Demaku – Gurbetqari im

By Endrit Tasholli

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