Gjumi kolektiv

“We are struggling to gain access to our own country.”

“We cannot continue with the paradigm to destroy the old and build the new, rather we should understand our past to find a possible future.”

“Memories of the Tito era seem to be painful on the one hand, and unwanted on the other.”

“… in order to understand where we are today we should have a careful look at our pasts.”

“Ervina proposes another dealing with histories and therefore with architectures of remembrance— instead of destroying we should think about recycling.”

“A ke mendu ndonjëherë me padit Agjencinë Kosovare të Privatizimit për shkatërrimin e trashëgimisë sonë të përbashkët?”

“How contradictional, the Ministry of Justice and the Agency of Privatization have their offices at the Rilindja building, the two institutions that are responsible for its destruction?”

Photography by Marcel Rickli

On a discussion with Ervina Halili.

Notes by Njomza Dragusha, Hannah Essler, Ludwig Lederer and Nora Longatti

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